Yass Valley

Yass Valley with its Wind and Solar farms, Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Development particularly at Murrumbateman, can lead the world as an integrated example of how Sustainability and Sustainable Development concepts can be implemented effectively into a region.  

Sustainable practices within Agriculture such as carbon sequestration, minimum till of soils and tree plantings, as well as wind and solar farms on properties and on-farm ecological lifestyle choices as seen with water tanks, reuse of treated effluent and storm water runoff in dams, will continue to have a positive environmental outcome in the Yass Valley. Sustainable Development, both rural residential such as Merryville Estate, Dundoos and Ambleside as well as Urban developments such as the proposed Sunningdale Estate at Murrumbateman, are great examples of the Yass Valley leading the way to a more Sustainable Planet in the future. 

The employment, business and tourism opportunities offered by promotion of the dual carriageway infrastructure, incorporating the Hume, Federal and Barton Highways and bound by the “Golden Triangle” of Yass, Goulburn and Canberra, will provide Sustainable economic growth to the region indefinitely and should be capitalised upon in a coordinated approach.

Everyone is living, breathing and being educated about Sustainability. Further innovative Sustainable Development in the Yass Valley will show the world how integrated Sustainability and Sustainable Development concepts can be implemented into a region. Leading by example will position the Yass Valley as the Silicon Valley for Sustainable Development. This opportunity will advance us towards a Sustainable Revolution sooner, driving economic growth for decades to come and accelerating solving Global Warming.

AGW is looking to implement its carbon abatement solutions in the Yass Valley in the next few years, with wind farms that are approved and currently stranded without available RET subsidies and ecological civilizations at three separate locations.

Yass Valley enjoyed house price growth of 14.7 per cent in 2018