R&D has provided AGW insight into how wind turbines produce perpetual free energy at the source, uncovered by looking beyond one generation of a wind turbine. Through further R&D, AGW has identified a number of new innovative global Sustainable Development concepts, including three affordable Carbon Abatement concepts incorporating direct community investment in wind farms from anywhere in the world. These concepts will be marketed on the internet, turbo charging the Sustainable Revolution of the 21st Century and be driven by people power. This will solve Global Warming and Climate Change much more quickly and efficiently than the status quo solutions we currently have. Current solutions have no public participation apart from relatively expensive solar options, efficient waste management and energy efficiency practices around the home or office (Solar cannot replace its capital cost as efficiently as Wind energy as the most expensive item for wind being the tower can last for many generations).

Perpetual free energy from wind farms with direct community investment, will eventually replace the renewable wind energy concept over the next 25 years, because it is simply a better, more efficient, dynamic concept.  Renewable Wind Energy should have been named Reusable Wind Energy as most components will last much longer than the currently accepted 25 year life cycle. Perpetual Free Energy is the correct name. Unwinding this misconception along with reworking the economics, removes the need for government subsidies and will save trillions of dollars for the world economy in the future, while delivering the cheapest wholesale energy prices on the planet. Rationalisation of the energy industry which has already begun, will be turbo charged by the Sustainable Revolution, driving world economic growth for decades to come. A period of transition and acceptance will have to be undertaken by multiple disrupted industries including all development, coal, oil, gas, renewable energy and most of the associated markets. With the end game overarching solutions for Sustainable Development, Global Warming and Climate Change now in the public domain the end of fossil fuels should come within 50 years, so exploration and mining of these commodities has to be stopped to avoid expenditure on what will be stranded assets. In the Australian context the Adani coal mine, now approved should be the last developed coal mine, while gas exploration should be suspended given the significant number of LNG projects already in the pipeline in Australia.

AGW's Carbon Abatement concepts are likely to go viral as Global Warming accelerates as predicted in the coming years by the IPCC and shown trending higher by NASA's long term temperature charts  https://vimeo.com/131786795, rapid changes across the economy will eventuate from the Sustainable Revolution taking hold.

As Global Warming is now solved the focus will turn to achieving it through a more Sustainable Planet. Wind turbines will become ubiquitous and ecological civilisations should begin to dominate the Sustainable Development space in the world economy by the turn of the century. To attain 200% energy capacity with wind turbines (The ultimate solution for a Sustainable Planet and solving Global Warming) there would need to be around 10 million large turbines (currently 375,000) world wide, so we have a long way to go to get to Nirvana, keeping in mind as the economy grows the wind turbine requirement will also grow especially as ecological civilisations emerge. Ovals, golf courses and open space are all candidates for medium sized wind turbines in our current city landscapes. Europe and China are leading the way with wind turbine acceptance. For example in Flanders Belgium, a wind turbine can be found a stone’s throw from houses on the sporting oval and it’s owned by the local community. Enercon from Germany  

www.enercon.de/en/home/ are the leaders in innovation with their quieter machines which have no gears and much better blade designs. 

In the Australian context in the future these quieter wind turbines could be placed in Sydney harbour on Shark and Clark Islands and even Fort Denison, with no noise problems for surrounding residents and providing a tourist attraction, with information available on site from the clean energy output. National Parks will also be looked at where there will be a positive net environmental gain. AGW will investigate wind farms for Sydney through the Save Our Planet Club to transform Sydney into one of the most Sustainable cities in the world. This should be popular with residents as demonstrated by Sydney already having about 15% of homes with solar panels (appx 600,000 homes). AGW will put forward proposals for wind farms to add to its Sustainability Goal starting at North Head which is an ideal coastal location close to the grid and far enough away from housing. Ecological Civilizations of the grid will initially be proposed by AGW at Hoskinstown and Collector near Canberra. These greenfield sites should be easier to get approved as they will be located away from existing settlement. Global opportunities will also be pursued but initially wind and solar farms and Ecological Civilizations will be built in NSW, Australia while participation will still be International from the internet online with the Carbon Abatement Concepts through the Save Our Planet Club.

The world economy has in recent decades seen tremendous disruption and transition both socially and from economic efficiency gains from technology and through the internet. While disruptive, capitalism has been the big winner as poverty is now at an all time low of around 10 % of the world. While these advancements have been very positive the Sustainable Revolution of the 21st century while also disruptive will potentially dwarf those benefits as we head towards the goal and execute the solutions for a Sustainable Planet. This economic boom should drive economic growth for many decades to come with huge efficiency gains in energy, Sustainable Development, human development and poverty eradication. Standards of living will rise while cost of living should continue to fall around the world, especially as energy will be so cheap. This resolution for a better world should after a period of further disruption and transition lead to universal peace on earth inspired by the peoples Sustainable Revolution and all its benefits.