A Sustainable planet for future generations

The goal for Sustainability through Innovative Sustainable Development Concepts has been pursued for over 25 years. This journey astonishingly has solved Global Warming and will propel us to a Sustainable Planet in the future through the peoples Sustainable Revolution of the 21st Century delivered through the Ballerina Park Concept and Carbon Abatement Concepts with wind and solar farms going viral on the internet and facilitating cheap Hydrogen production driving that industry.

Ballerina Park - innovation to revolution

The Ballerina Park Concept was the ultimate Innovation Concept which uncovered Pure Sustainable Development, "the holy grail". The key to this hybrid Concept is the community ownership of assets including wind turbines which are paid for by the developer in a community title sub division. When built, it will be regarded as an engineering masterpiece as the ecological and energy support systems are perpetually self-replacing or free and achieve what will be en masse the green print for all sustainable housing development in the future, contrary to today's higher density urban landscapes. The main planning guidelines for this new development concept will be wind speed and rainfall near the energy grid. As battery technology improves and is combined with solar panels on rooftops, it will open up new opportunities for pure Sustainable Development off grid nearly anywhere, which is a huge breakthrough. This off grid concept would require a modest sinking fund for residents for maintenance and capital replacement over time. This is the pathway to a Sustainable Planet for future generations, with a much lighter ecological footprint. Ecological features including rainwater, storm water, recharging bore water and effluent disposal will be important and ecologically sustainable. This new concept will be known as an Ecological Civilization which is defined as sustainable by academia but had not been uncovered until now. It will be the way all residential development will be undertaken in 50 to 100 years, especially if Global Warming accelerates, and ultimately anyway if the ongoing renaissance in learning about this astonishing Sustainable Development concept is accepted. We will with this concept also see a return to being more in touch with nature through a more sustainable lifestyle choice that does not compromise our contemporary lives, which is lacking in today's urban landscapes with many negative social and environmental consequences. 

The quest for Sustainable Development over more than 25 years uncovered the holy grail being Ballerina Park from looking at how wind turbines operate beyond one generation and incorporating that knowledge into a community title sub division. Astonishingly this knowledge has also lead to the most stunning outcome which will be a Sustainable Planet, free of Global Warming in the future. Now we have the holy grail it can be something that the world can aspire to without compromising our contemporary modern lifestyles while being Sustainable forever.

Holy Grail - Hunters & collectors

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