Addressing Global Warming


Addressing Global Warming Pty Ltd (AGW) is a privately owned Australian company incorporated in 2006. It was initially set up to investigate Innovative Sustainable Development concepts and solutions including the Landmark Ballerina Park concept at Murrumbateman, NSW, Australia. This hybrid concept incorporated wind turbines at the development phase and allowed AGW to uncover "Pure Sustainable Development" to be the basis for Ecological Civilizations and also the introduction of its three innovative online Carbon Abatement concepts. AGW's business model will at this stage involve four business opportunities around Sustainable Development Addressing Global Warming fast and leading the exciting prospect of the peoples Sustainable Revolution of the 21st century which should be the best chance yet to break the internet as Global Warming continues to accelerate as predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

AGW's Carbon Abatement concepts with Wind Farms are three dimensional (1 - Direct Investment from the public (the Peoples Sustainable Revolution), 2- Operating Profit, 3- Saving our Planet. As AGW is introducing direct investment from the public, profit does not need to come from a wind farms operation, just a management fee from that source. This and other profit drivers such as subscription income critically define and differentiate AGW's future with wind farms. AGW will actively seek the lowest wholesale energy price possible, which clearly differentiates it from Renewable Wind Energy and is the reason why AGW’s new concepts with wind farms are different from Renewable Wind Energy and therefore to be known as Perpetual Free Energy. Renewable Wind Energy is two dimensional motivated purely by higher wind speeds and profit from operations generated by the highest possible wholesale energy price received, with no direct link to the public, diminishing the impact of Saving our Planet greatly. AGW’s concepts 1 and 3 described below have significantly lower wholesale energy prices (around A2.0c/kWh with scale) without government subsidies, as the wind farms will be operated at close to break even after costs and future replacement, achieved comfortably (so its Perpetual Free Energy at the source), while being primarily a carbon offset and of course Saving our Planet for future generations. AGW's better more efficient and dynamic wind turbine concepts which look well beyond one generation of a wind farm will be an attractive, affordable and new environmental investment opportunity to Address Global Warming and Climate Change, currently just not available in the public domain. AGW's excess clean cheap wholesale energy will eventually come from a proposed 200% installed wind farm capacity to be achieved over time. Given there will never be another capital cost requirement at each location (cash flow covers capital cost replacement at A2.0c/kWh) this becomes the most economically viable energy solution on the planet!

The wind is always blowing on the grid somewhere and economic modelling including solar and existing hydro has been done to support similar scenarios by UNSW at 100% installed capacity in Australia. This showed that no base load power was required. This was successfully achieved for the whole of 2010 in an example and similar studies have been done all over the world. Furthermore, for electricity generation in particular AGW's concept will be superior to UNSW modelling which "can be  just as reliable as existing fossil and nuclear supplies" (Professor Mark Diessendorf UNSW). In the future a combination of big Vanadium batteries for up to 24 hours response and Lithium batteries for quick response will backup AGW's superior 200% installed wind farm capacity concept to meet the occasional peak load when the wind is not blowing much.

AGW's concepts with 200% installed wind farm capacity are also the "silver bullet" for producing cheap clean hydrogen from excess production at night or during the day (at A2.0c/kWh), driving that industry including vehicles, all aviation and steel making, which all are now proven technologies but were considered expensive. Furthermore today's hydrogen industry is not cheap or clean as it is made from a combination of more expensive renewable's and dirty fossil fuel energy. 

Export of clean hydrogen into Asia and beyond becomes a real opportunity in the Australian context with this proposed outcome and also given that the Great Dividing Range in Australia provides some of the best wind resources in the world. The CSIRO believe with their new membrane ammonia transport solution we could see hydrogen exports outstrip LNG in the future 

Apart from a small amount of unavoidable smoke stacks around the world which a carbon price will deal with and big battery storage to meet peak load demand if the wind isn't blowing sufficiently on the grid, we now have the TOTAL OVERARCHING END GAME SOLUTIONS to carbon pollution and a Sustainable Planet in the future. AGW is proud to have solved Sustainable Development, Global Warming and Climate Change, a very complex linked problem. This has come after a 25 year journey importantly with a Sustainable mindset, bringing a rapid solution to Global Warming to the world via Carbon Abatement, cheap hydrogen and the peoples Sustainable Revolution going viral on the Internet across the Globe, and also Pure Sustainable Development with Ecological Civilizations of the future off the energy grid. These concepts should allow mankind to resolve Global Warming and Climate Change in the next 50 to 100 years. It also proves that capitalism can solve big environmental problems.

Some concepts break through and change everything. AGW’s Pure Sustainable Development (Ecological Civilizations) and Carbon Abatement concepts (the Peoples Sustainable Revolution) with wind farms are most likely going to do just that over time, as a renaissance in learning around this new knowledge and research gathers momentum. An estimated 10 million large wind turbines (currently around 375,000 world wide) will need to be built across the world. There will be disruption and a transition with winners and losers. Winners will include iron ore and battery commodities like Graphite,  Vanadium, Rare Earths, Nickel, Cobalt and Lithium, but big losers include all fossil fuels such as coal and the oil and gas industries. Other losers over time will be energy retailers and the Renewable Energy Industry and Development in general which will also be disrupted hugely over time most likely with much more scale and significance than the disruption from the technology/internet boom. The Peoples Sustainable Revolution online will be much more meaningful for humanity, world economic growth, which should after a period of adjustment ultimately boom for decades to come, and of course most importantly the environment will benefit. Now we will all be able to be involved in affordable ways to help save our planet for future generations.

AGW's Innovative new concepts, are global without the need for any government subsidies and should therefore attract significant loyalty from AGW's TOTAL OVERARCHING END GAME SOLUTIONS to mans greatest challenge. Furthermore, as Global Warming accelerates in the coming years as predicted by the IPCC it is very likely that these innovative new concepts become very sought after across the world!

1. Carbon Abatement - Club Membership of wind and solar farms: The Save Our Planet Club will operate with a very affordable monthly subscription of $12 per month used to offset green house gases and clean up our environment. AGW will eventually build wind and solar farms all across the world for the Club that will operate at break even after costs therefore producing the cheapest whole sale energy on the Planet. The Club will be addressing important environmental dimensions such as Global Warming, Climate Change and Saving our Planet for future generations. These are problems now solved by the Club concept that people really care about. One of the objectives of the Club will be to make cities like Sydney among the most Sustainable in the world by integrating wind turbines into practical sites like National Parks, ovals and open space, and even golf courses, all achieving a net environmental gain. There will be a Sustainability Rewards program upgrade for members who achieve targeted Sustainable practices at home, with transport and with their lifestyle. There will also be extensive data about each wind farm members are allocated. Over time members will be involved in multiple farms as subscriptions are used to build new wind and solar farms in the future. Information in a newsletter will keep members abreast of progress on the renaissance in learning about Sustainable Development and the fight against Global Warming and Climate Change. Members will be able to visit their allocated farms on site or online. This Club concept is a very efficient carbon abatement concept as it provides a direct affordable and practical way to Address Global Warming fast, just not available in the public domain at the moment around the world. Most importantly members will be participating in the excitement of the peoples Sustainable Revolution of the 21st century going viral online so loyalty should be good with this Carbon Abatement concept. (The Save Our Planet Club platform is anticipated to start online by mid to late 2019 with projects around coastal Sydney to be promoted starting with a high profile wind farm at North Head. It is anticipated that members will also have a choice of farms under investigation in Yass Valley and New England in NSW, Australia. While projects are being negotiated and developed subscription money allocated for development will be held in green bonds)

2.  Carbon Abatement - Perpetual Free Energy Certificates (PFEC's): in a Save Our Planet Fund. This concept has significant potential just not achievable with the Renewable wind energy concept. PFEC's will deliver a competitive perpetual yield of around 4.0% for anyone in the world. This investment will be traded online, competing against all fixed interest investments including term deposits, hybrids and green bonds. This investment will be a legitimate attractive investment class without much volatility but significantly it is perpetual. Importantly, the investment will be helping to Save our Planet for future generations and provide a practical way of Addressing Global Warming fast while participating in the in the excitement of the peoples Sustainable Revolution of the 21st century going viral on the internet. (The Save Our Planet Fund will be released as an upgrade after the Club concept has been successfully launched)

3. Carbon Abatement - Sustainable Free Energy Certificates (SFEC's): This concept will be the most legitimate Carbon Offset concept in the world and more affordable than solar panels so it should appeal based on the uptake of solar panels. Carbon (dirty energy usage) using Perpetual Free Energy Wind turbines (farms) will be offset against a home, office, vehicle or boat. This three dimensional concept is far more efficient than Renewable Energy from wind which is two dimensional and should eventually replace it. Certificates will be recorded on a central database from anywhere in the world by submitting annual energy usage from a home or office or kilometres travelled from a vehicle. These SFEC's will be marketed online and when the property or vehicle is sold, people should recoup the investment in being legitimately carbon neutral as the concept becomes recognised and value is created. So it may end up being over time a no cost investment, which is astonishing. The certificates will be issued over the internet and will be transferable to a new home, office, vehicle or boat. Importantly this concept will significantly reduce wholesale energy prices like the Club Concept while helping to Save Our Planet for future generations and provide a practical way of Addressing Global Warming fast, while participating in the excitement of the peoples Sustainable Revolution of the 21st century going viral on the internet. (This concept will be introduced as an upgrade to the Save Our Planet Club also after the Club has been proven to be successful)

4. Ecological Civilizations:  This hybrid concept is the ultimate Pure Sustainable Development solution derived from the Ballerina Park Concept which was proposed at Murrumbateman, NSW Australia in 2007. The key is the community ownership of assets including 200% energy capacity wind turbine and solar panels with battery storage paid for by the developer in a community title subdivision importantly introduced at the development phase. Excess energy may also be used to produce hydrogen for vehicle transportation for residents which would be free energy. Importantly, also when Ecological Civilizations are built, the ecological and energy support systems will be perpetually self-replacing or free forever after a modest sinking fund which is Utopia and therefore achieves what is the green print for all Sustainable housing in the future. The main planning guidelines initially for this new development concept will be wind speed, rainfall including roof catchment area, also for enough solar panels and employment opportunities close by. As battery technology has improved and is now combined with wind and solar panels, it has opened up new opportunities for Ecological Civilizations off grid, which is a huge breakthrough. This off grid hybrid concept will mean no electricity or water bills for residents ever, but there will be as indicated a modest administration and sinking fund (less than A$1,000 pa) for residents to pay for maintenance and capital replacement over time. This is the pathway to a more Sustainable Planet for future generations, with a lighter ecological footprint. There is no need for expensive reticulated sewer or potable water with this hybrid concept. Ecological autonomous features including a large rainwater tank, storm water collection and use, reticulated recharging sustainable bore water and on site effluent treatment and reuse (with a minimum Lot size proposed of 1500m2) which will be Environmentally Sustainable given new technologies and effluent treatment methods. Ecological Civilizations will probably be the way most urban development will be undertaken in 50 to 100 years because it is so efficient and of course especially if Global Warming accelerates as predicted by the IPCC. Now we have this new off grid hybrid solution with its astonishing outcomes where nearly everything is free Governments may well regulate more aggressively to achieve it. (AGW has identified three greenfield sites in the Yass Valley, and around Canberra, Australia for investigation including Hoskinstown (10,000 homes) and Collector (10,000 homes))

AGW's work around Sustainable Development including a new Definition and the Theory for Pure Sustainable Development, all began over 25 years ago with its Ecological Sustainable Developments at Murrumbateman near Canberra, Australia and more recently with Urban Development. These important outcomes just cannot be learned behind a desk and have come from practical experience in the field. This work should now redefine planning principals and bring to the world a debunking of the Development Industry, which for so many years has been eclectic, complex, lacking direction, misunderstood and poorly documented all over the world especially in relation to Sustainable Development. Sustainable Development in all its forms is the solution to a Sustainable Planet but represented as a goals by academia and industry which has created confusion and is holding back progress. 


The new blueprint or greenprint for the future however is Pure Sustainable Development which AGW has derived from the Ballerina Park Concept is the most efficient Sustainable Development concept unlikely to be bettered, but this different concept will take time to be achieved on a Global scale. The Development Industry and Governments will however now be able to join the dots more easily as we will have a common Sustainability aspiration or goal from the end game, which will ultimately result in a Sustainable Planet but with much higher acceptable population targets as a result.  With this greenprint we can achieve contemporary modern day Ecological Civilizations which don't compromise our living standards or endangered species. They will be socially, economically and most importantly Environmentally Sustainable, as has been espoused by China's President Xi Jinping in a recent address to the Chinese Nation without actually having it solved properly. This is  most likely because they don't have innovative community title legislation facilitating community ownership of  infrastructure assets such as wind turbines and storm water collection and reticulation. Now through AGW's R & D over many years, Ecological Civilizations are solved with Pure Sustainable Development en masse.

"Planning is bringing the future into the present so you can do something about it now". Proactive development of Ecological Civilizations off the grid will now be one of AGW's primary goals as will its Carbon Abatement concepts to start the peoples Sustainable Revolution of the 21st century.

AGW's mantra and philosophy is based on conscious capitalism, designed to elevate the environment and humanity and help reduce poverty. AGW has the potential to be one of the biggest companies in the world in the next 10 to 20 years. A philanthropic division will be set up should this eventuate to benefit humanity and aim to reduce world poverty to zero. A public float of AGW is on the agenda, targeted for late 2019. This maybe the biggest start up IPO in Australia's history given the scale of wind farm development potentially from day 1 and is possibly going to be a Unicorn start up. This is due to the excitement and potential for its Carbon Abatement concepts starting with the "Save Our Planet Club" potentially going viral on the internet across the world. AGW's implementation of its Carbon Abatement concepts and overall business model to Address Global Warming, will enable the public to participate in this exciting, practical and unique opportunity where everybody involved wins, especially the environment. No one loses. Every fire starts with a spark, and that is where AGW is with this exciting opportunity. Things just don't appear out of thin air, they have to start somewhere!

AGW's R & D in the field and office over more than 25 years has uncovered what are the Total overarching end game solutions to Sustainable Development, Global Warming and Climate Change which academics all over the world have been trying to solve for decades. AGW's work advances the debate to its conclusion in this brave new frontier, particularly in relation to Sustainable Development, the missing link. AGW's work is supported and legitimised by the lack of knowledge and confusion in relation to Sustainable Development demonstrated as goals and not as solutions in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports released to the public over the last 20 years.