The link between the Sustainable Revolution of the 21st century and Global Warming is evidenced by hundreds of existing and new innovative Sustainable Development concepts including AGW's new concepts all developed by the animal spirits of man through entrepreneurship and innovation with capitalism guided by government and academia. These innovative Sustainable Development concepts and solutions are an eclectic mix, but currently address Global Warming and Climate Change directly or indirectly.

These concepts include innovative building such as new green urban landscapes and ecologically sustainable developments, mainly rural residential, which maximise the use of the available natural resources, or green office blocks in the city which maximise energy efficiency. Efficient building of infrastructure like roads also count towards the Sustainable Development equation, as they cut out waste and use less resources without compromising the integrity of the build. Clean energy concepts like wind, solar and hydro as well as transport options such as electric vehicles and fuel cells, are high profile concepts and are important to understanding the link between the Sustainable Revolution and Global Warming and Climate Change. 

It is therefore legitimate to amalgamate all Sustainable Development concepts under one banner, the Sustainable Revolution which would also incorporate the aspirational goals of Sustainability. The world is primed for this new paradigm shift in thinking and it should appeal to everyone not just the green army.

The ultimate solution statement for Global Warming and Climate Change should therefore read as follows:

The emerging “Sustainable Revolution” of the 21st century is the best overarching solution to Global Warming and Climate Change and a more Sustainable Planet for future generations.

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