Ecological Civilizations

China has been leading the way in the search for ecological civilizations as espoused by President Xi Jinping in a recent address to the nation Pure Sustainable Development like Ballerina Park en masse are the missing link that will redefine the way development is done in the next 50 to 100 years, especially if Global Warming accelerates as predicted and is ultimately inevitable with the sustainability aspirations and goals in today’s world.  

AGW has delivered on its promise to lead the way in Sustainable Development Innovation first espoused by Brian Hill before his passing in 1997 and now we have solved what was a very complex problem. President Xi and the world should be impressed with the outcome best described as Pure Sustainable Development, Ecological Civilisation or even maybe Xanadu. 

As we now have the TOTAL OVERARCHING END GAME SOLUTIONS for Sustainable Development, Global Warming, and Climate Change through Carbon Abatement Concepts and Ecological Civilizations the world can aim for it over the coming decades and no doubt governments will regulate to achieve it as it will lead to a Sustainable Planet for everyone. This will ultimately allow for higher population targets for mankind in regions that don't threaten our endangered species on Planet Earth!

Xanadu - Olivia Newton John