Sunningdale Estate - deferred

Murrumbateman's boom cintinues north of the village with new houses everywhere.


Sunningdale Estate is a different development concept located 20 minutes from Canberra at Murrumbateman on the Barton Highway, not far from the Hume Highway in the Yass Valley. This new Innovative Sustainable Development concept is the first urban village project to incorporate developer funded incentives for residents to have a more Sustainable Lifestyle.

$10,000 Developer Sustainable Development Rebate

Sustainability will be the main focus of Sunningdale Estate in both design and marketing. At Sunningdale Estate a $10,000 Sustainable Development rebate package will be offered to all new residents. Rebates will be given for solar hot water, solar battery storage, solar panels, water tanks, native trees and smart energy saving devices which will create a Sustainable atmosphere at Sunningdale Estate. This new development concept builds on the successful subdivision of over 300 blocks from previous Sustainable Development projects Merryville Park and Merryville Estate at Murrumbateman and from the available reserach on the interenet is probably a world first regarding an urban Sustainable Development outcome.

Sustainable Development in the Yass Valley

Yass Valley with its Wind and Solar farms, Sustainable Agriculture and Sustainable Development particularly at Murrumbateman, can now lead the world as an integrated example of how Sustainability and Sustainable Development concepts can be implemented effectively into a region. 

Recession Proof Infrastructure

A focus on Murrumbateman’s new infrastructure, such as the duplication of the Barton Highway, piping of potable water and the recently completed sewerage plant, will enhance Murrumbateman’s future growth and Sunningdale Estate will be part of that. The promotion of the dual carriageway infrastructure incorporating the Hume, Federal and Barton Highways and bound by the “Golden Triangle” of Yass, Goulburn and Canberra, will provide Sustainable economic growth to the region indefinitely and will benefit from a coordinated marketing approach. The completion of infrastructure improvements in 2020, should make Sunningdale Estate recession proof in the short to medium term.

Participate in a Bright Future

Living at Sunningdale Estate in beautiful Murrumbateman, will give new residents their own little piece of heaven on earth, help to save the Planet for future generations and lead the world with this integrated approach to Sustainable Development in the dynamic Yass Valley.

Murrumbateman - On the "golden triangle"


Whether you are starting out as a first home buyer, you are looking for a better lifestyle for your family or are in retirement, Murrumbateman offers an exciting sustainable lifestyle. Murrumbateman has established shops, restaurants, takeaway, petrol station, parks, pub and an IGA supermarket with more shopping available in Yass and Canberra. Residents can enjoy significant amounts of open space, bike and walking paths and equestrian trails.

Murrumbateman historically is known for its agriculture particularly farming, with wineries and equestrian activities evolving over the last 30 years, and it even had a working gold mine in the early 1900’s. Development has primarily been Rural Residential or Ecologically Sustainable, incorporating water tanks, effluent disposal, storm water reuse, solar panels and many native trees. 

For 40 years, Murrumbateman Field Days has been the biggest event in the Yass Valley, held annually in October and attracting around 20,000 people. Proceeds go back to the community for various projects and group activities. This unique sustainable feature of Murrumbateman is socially very positive, with hundreds of volunteers from the community participating and making it great for morale. Murrumbateman’s residents are in touch with their surrounds and the environment through their self-sufficient and autonomous management of water, sewer and energy.  Sunningdale Estate with its Sustainability package, will provide a village setting that will build on this community orientated lifestyle.

Murrumbateman’s population of 3000 residents has experienced explosive growth at times and this is likely to continue with the large infrastructure projects in sewerage, potable water and dual carriageway all either complete or underway and should make Murrumbateman recession proof for decades to come. Many people living in Murrumbateman work in Canberra and Yass and there is an increasing number of local businesses springing up as the town grows. Yass Valley Council is the local government authority responsible for Murrumbateman. It is Developers innovation, facilitated by the community title concept, which has allowed this unique sustainable Township to evolve. The community has many clubs for people and businesses to participate in, such as the AG Bureau, Pony club, Scouts, Lions club, Cricket club, tennis club and the Makers of Murrumbateman. 

Murrumbateman has an exciting future and Yass Valley can now lead the world as an integrated example of how Sustainability and Sustainable Development concepts can be implemented effectively into a region. It truly is an exciting story which should capture the imagination of tourists, businesses and new and existing residents in the future.