A return to the focus on Global Warming needs to be emphasised much more by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) who should change their policy, as the introduction of the term Climate Change has simply confused the issue and removed the urgency surrounding mans greatest challenge, which is Global Warming. Anthropogenic Global Warming is unequivocal as shown by NASA whilst the jury is still out on the extremes of Climate Change. Global Warming is the most dangerous part of Climate Change and may be the greatest challenge mankind has faced in its history, as its presence is potentially catastrophic to all life on earth. Earth's atmosphere is not very thick with most of it within 10 miles (16 km) of the surface. CO2 emissions are impacting the atmosphere more than what most of us would have imagined, so a Sustainable Planet and solving Global Warming must be man's primary objective moving forward.

According to the IPCC Global Warming is going to accelerate now and into the future, so things are likely to get significantly worse before they can get better. The solution to the complexity of the problem, related relevant issues and their interrelationships are astonishingly now solved, with better more efficient wind turbine concepts and cheap hydrogen production. 

Renewable wind energy is a two dimensional concept being profit and saving the planet, with no direct link to the public. AGW's better more dynamic concepts are three dimensional with the addition of community investment directly in wind farms, allowing for alternative profit outcomes for AGW and also the liberation of many additional environmental, social and economic benefits. There are massive efficiency gains for the economy with these new concepts and unprecedented benefits to human development. These come mainly through the ability to have significantly lower wholesale energy prices (around A2.0c/kWh with scale) without government subsidies, as the wind farms can be operated at close to break even after covering capital cost replacement (so its free energy), while being primarily a carbon offset and of course saving our planet. 

AGW will be reinforcing the wind turbine towers at its locations when built to extend their life. These more efficient wind turbine concepts will be an attractive, affordable and new environmental investment opportunity to Address Global Warming, currently just not available in the public domain. These direct community investment concepts in wind farms from anywhere in the world over the internet, should eventually go viral and turbo charge the Sustainable Revolution of the 21st Century, helping to save our planet for future generations and fix Global Warming fast, perhaps resolving it in the next 50 to 100 years.

Bjorn Lomberg, Professor at Copenhagen Business School wisely said "the solution is not to make fossil fuels so expensive that nobody wants them, because that will never work. But to make green energy so cheap that eventually everybody wants it". AGW has the ultimate cheap energy solution with its Carbon Abatement Concepts, while the world is ready and primed for a paradigm shift with Sustainability aspirations and an eclectic group of innovative Sustainable Development concepts and solutions, developed by mans animal spirits and entrepreneurship. This has evolved despite poor understanding and guidance from peak organisations like the United Nations (UN), The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) and the IPCC. Despite confusion and a lack of definitive literature we now live and breathe Sustainability and Sustainable Development through our universities, schools, work places and our homes. So the pathway to a Sustainable Revolution is now a realistic one and with the right trigger, is the solution to the pollution and Global Warming. 

AGW should be that trigger, continuing to educate the world quickly with a renaissance in learning through the web site, the Global media and Social media. AGW will turbo charge the Sustainable Revolution through its Global concepts, including Carbon Abatement and the Ballerina Park Community Title wind turbine concept, which will go viral on the internet if Global Warming accelerates as predicted over the coming years. 

A positive public response to these better, more dynamic concepts will ramp up wind farm deployments around the world. 200% capacity is a feasible target, as we have total capital cost abatement and will never pay for replacement again, driven by the cheapest wholesale energy price on the planet. Excess clean energy can be used for example at night or day, to produce cheap clean hydrogen fuel and drive that industry including vehicles, all aviation and the steel making industry. Previously these have all been identified as feasible, but inhibited by the cost of hydrogen production and the lack of clean energy inputs. We now have the silver bullet on these hydrogen industries and the cheap clean energy requirement for the electrolysis process to be used for its production.

Barring a small amount of unavoidable industry smoke stacks in many countries to be handled by a carbon price and big battery storage to meet peak demand if the wind isn't blowing somewhere on the grid, we have the TOTAL OVERARCHING END GAME SOLUTION to the carbon pollution and its now about the execution because there cannot be a better solution than the peoples Sustainable Revolution!

This stunning Perpetual free energy solution to Global Warming with wind farms facilitating cheap hydrogen, should result in no more base load requirement, just modest amount of peaking power with battery storage to meet occasional peak demand and corresponding peak prices (if they still exist), given the much more competitive market place that will prevail. 

Professor Mark Diesendorf, UNSW and Professor Ross Garnaut, ANU both support similar outcomes, and have done hypothetical economic modelling to support this while in South Australia, we have living proof with its renewable energy solutions and targets and peak response capabilities including a big battery. AGW’s much lower cost and total capital cost abatement concept solutions with wind farms, including 200% capacity would make this kind of outcome incredibly efficient across Australia‘s power grid where the wind is always blowing somewhere and this would be much more sustainable without the need for fossil fuel base load power In the future. It would also restore Australia's reputation as one of the cheapest wholesale energy producing country on the planet.

A Sustainable Planet will lead to Universal peace on earth, a goal that Henry Kissinger recently espoused. Now with Global Warming solved we will have a common goal which can be achieved by everyone and it will take the politics out of the issue as there will be a shared aspiration for a more Sustainable Planet, delivered through the peoples Sustainable Revolution.

What a wonderful world - Louis Armstrong