Albert Bain - Director

Roger Bain - Executive Chairman

Roger has a degree in Mining Engineering from UNSW and an MBA from Macquarie University. He spent 8 years working in investment banking, including as a mining analyst, stockbroker and in corporate finance. He spent 17 years managing his family's farm at Murrumbateman, incorporating sheep, cattle and cropping enterprises in addition to stud and feed lot operations. 

Roger and his family began building Innovative Sustainable Developments near Canberra 25 years ago with Merryville Park and Merryville Estate at Murrumbateman, with over 300 lots sold between 1993 and 2008. In 2006 after much R&D the Ballerina Park Sustainable Development Concept was uncovered.

Brian Hill a bright town planner who designed Merryville Estate, was instrumental in influencing him about Sustainability and at his funeral in 1997, Roger pledged in the Eulogy to continue the quest for Sustainability and to lead the way in Sustainable Development Innovation.


The Bain family has had a culture of pioneering, innovation and entrepreneurship for centuries and are direct descendent's of the Hapsburg family of Austria who ruled half of Europe for hundreds of years.  Simeon Lord, also a descendent and Roger's grandfather 5x was a prominent business entrepreneur in Sydney and later a magistrate. Lewis Potter Bain, Roger's great Grandfather was Chairman of the Stock Exchange for 5 years in the late 1800's. Keith Bain, Roger's Grandfather grew AGC finance off the back of Ford Motor cars in the 1930's before it was taken over in the 1980's by Westpac.

Netsy Bain, Roger's mother is a direct  descendent of William Morris a well-known British Textile designer and social activist, while on her mothers side Albert Grace grew Grace Brothers into a significant retailer before it was taken over in the 1980's by Myer.

Jim Bain, Roger's father grew Bain and Company into a significant investment bank with well over 1000 employees and it was bigger than Macquarie Bank in 1986. Jim was later Chairman of the Stock Exchange for five years. He introduced Screen trading and it cost him his job because of the controversy surrounding this Innovation. Jim also started the Sydney Institute, a business think tank in 1989, now with over 700 members. Buying strategically located land at Murrumbateman was also pioneering. In 1992 the family embarked on its first Ecological Sustainable Development Merryville Park and the rest is history.

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